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Best Super Bowl 2018 Car Commercials And Past Greats

Best Super Bowl 2018 Car Commercials And Past Greats

Super Bowl commercials are huge spectacles - sometimes even bigger than the actual game is. This is very true for car advertisements, as they display memorable and awe-inspiring cars with impressive storyboards, although some would have a considerable miss at the attempt.

Big American car manufacturers, such as GM and Ford, have taken advantage of the occasion to publicize their products. After all, the event pulls in millions and millions of viewers worldwide. Now global car brands, like Audi, Kia, and Toyota, are making bids to captivate that large number of spectators with equally spectacular commercials.

The air time itself during the Super Bowl has become some sort of competition among global car brands, and this is contested by producing compelling messages, noteworthy content, and the bragging rights in itself. As such, the car ads are pushed to the limits, creating some of the best car commercials.

Because of an enormous amount of audience, one company needs to shell out around $5 million in order to get a 30-second air time during the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, it was rumored that Hyundai had to pay around $30 million on four commercials!

Without further ado, here are some of the best car commercials during the Super Bowl 2018, followed by some of the greatest ads in the past.

Best 2018 Super Bowl Car Ads


While it may not be as big budgeted as it was in the past, Hyundai plays with the concept of the audience’s fascination with the game. It featured the Kona SUV and a soccer coach who is creating plans to get back to his Super Bowl viewing quickly.


Kia promoted its Stinger with the help of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler. The concept is “going back in time” by reversing through the tracks, and after a few spins, Tyler goes back to his younger years with fans reaching out to get his autograph. This happened with the single “Dream On” playing on the background.


Lexus tapped into the Marvel Universe in order to bring hype towards the Lexus 500 as it features the Black Panther. As cool and stylish as the character is, the advert is trying to make you feel that you’ll have the same swag when you get this new car from Lexus.


Mercedes shook up the scene by creating an interactive campaign with their Super Bowl advertisement. By downloading the official app, fans are asked to keep their fingers on the C43 Coupe for as long as possible. The last fan standing gets to have the car!

Past Greats from the Super Bowl


Audi came to the 2017 Super Bowl with a touching advertisement. The main theme is gender equality and equal pay, with the S5 emerging as the hero car. A father watches his daughter race, which she dominates quite well.

Another commercial featured the Audi R8 V10 Plus. It featured an old astronaut who looked sad, but felt the exhilaration once again after driving the car himself and gaining speed. It shows you’re never too old to do something big.

There was yet another Audi commercial which featured the R8, which had a rather funny story. It revolved around a “Godfather”-esque script with the old man screaming.

General Motors

GM was keen to talk about its 100,000 mile warranty with the “Sad Robot” ad back in 2007. It shows how obsessed everyone was with quality, so much that a robot even had a nightmare about making a mistake.


Hyundai touched some hearts with this ad wherein it tackled US soldiers who were given individual pods that showed the Super Bowl live. The heartwarming part was that the pods were sharing feeds with their loved ones on the stadium itself, making it appear like they were watching together.


Jeep launched a “Snow Covered” ad back in 1994, which was rather revolutionary. It was so great that it won an award during the Cannes Film Festival.


Mercedes had a funny yet meaningful ad as old models gathered to welcome the new 2011 range. They even brought in Sean Combs to join in the said commercial.


The Mirai was the frontrunner of Toyota’s Super Bowl 51 ad, where it focused on the premise that the only emission it had was water. It certainly helped the unit gain its green credentials afterwards.


If you want to make a truly memorable ad, getting the help of Darth Vader would help. This commercial features a child wearing a Darth Vader costume who’s trying to use The Force, and his dad convinces him that he can when he thought he could light up the car using his mind.