Custom Puddle Lights

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Custom Car Door Lights - How do they work?

You might have seen a similar product around in the market with a ton of wires (for the power outlet), power drills required for installation, and products that fit specifically for different car models.

Our Custom Puddle Lights (also known as Custom Logo Lights, Custom Ghost Shadow Lights, or Custom Car Door Lights) are suitable for EVERY car model out there, require NO POWER OUTLETS or CABLES (wireless and battery powered), and are totally customisable!

A sneak peak into how our car logo lights (puddle light, ghost lights, whichever you prefer calling them ) work!

  • Easy Installation

    Our custom puddle lights is suitable for every Car Brand & Model. With a simple set-up method that involves NO power tools, simply attach it with the 3M Tape & Magnets provided.

    puddle lights - tape & magnets
  • AA Battery Powered

    Our Car Logo Puddle Lights are also battery powered, and does NOT require any external power source, or to be hooked onto your car's battery.

    custom wireless puddle lights - battery powered
  • Logo Customisation

    We've gone through a ton of negotiating with our suppliers to be able to get you your very own UNIQUE LOGOS for individual purchases! Simply place an order for the Custom Car Door Lights and we will follow up with a request for you to provide us with your logo design.

    car puddle ghost lights - custom logo