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2 Wireless LED Laser Custom Car Door Lights

$49.95 USD $69.95 USD saving $20.00 USD
2 Wireless LED Laser Custom Car Door Lights

2 Wireless LED Laser Custom Car Door Lights

$49.95 USD $69.95 USD saving $20.00 USD

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Have a logo in mind? 

Express your passion with our Customizable Logo Service for Wireless LED Laser Car Door Logo Lights to Turbo-charge your car doors with Brilliant Light-emitting properties and dynamic contrast.

Be Bold Anywhere. Be Captivating Anytime.

Suitable for All Car Models! 

Exclusively sold online and powered to provide you with the greatest possible design for your styling pleasure.

The High Definition LED Dynamic Car Door Logo Light is a direct replacement for your original car door lights. It projects bright and sharp LED logos onto the floor whenever car doors are opened.

This Custom Wireless LED Laser Car Door Logo Lights has no drilling or rewiring required. This product comes with a wireless feature to fit your car!

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Product Features

2 Wireless LED Laser Custom Car Door Lights
  • Magnetic Detection

    By installing miniature magnets on your doors, the projectors sense when the doors are open and only then, project the logo.

  • Soundless Application

    No pollution, no noise and no electronic interference. Our product does what it needs to do, with no drawbacks.

  • Battery Powered

    Powered by 3 PCS AAA batteries, you require NO external cables or power source from your car.

  • Quality Projection

    A custom made AC lens with high permeability, be assured that your logo will be fully visible when projected.

Technical specifications

  • Product Dimensions

    Each order comes with 2 Car Logo Door Light Projectors, each being - 6.4 x 6.5 x 1.5cm

  • Package Includes:

    Your order includes: 2x Magnetic Strips, 3M Tape for the Projector and Magnets, and 2 Logo Light Projectors

  • Battery Powered

    Let your customers know what details set your product apart from the competition.

  • Suitable for all Car Models

    As this product functions independently (with 0 integration to the cars' systems), it is suitable for ALL car brands and models.