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Yasa Opens Electric Vehicle Motor Facility

Yasa Opens Electric Vehicle Motor Facility

Yasa, an electric motor manufacturer from Oxford, has opened a facility capable of creating 100,000 electric motors annually.

The said establishment creates 150 jobs and gets perks from the Government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre initiative, with a goal to make the United Kingdom into a center for electric vehicle (EV) technology and autonomous driving development. The Jaguar C-X75 concept is one of the models that Yasa has created an engine for.

80 percent of the factory’s production output is planned for export. Yasa was a company conceived from the University of Oxford back in 2009. The development is planned despite the pessimism of many British manufacturing reports.

Because of Brexit’s adverse effect on UK car industry growth, UK car manufacturing had dropped by 3 percent.

Yasa CEO Chris Harris stated, “Yasa is a great example of what the UK can and should expect to achieve if we invest in the innovative and creative ideas emerging from our best universities, and have the determination and patience to turn those great ideas into world-beating companies.”

Opening the revolutionary establishment, Greg Clark, business and energy secretary, explained, “Innovation is the lifeblood of our industrial strategy and our economy. This spirit is embodied by Yasa, a thriving business that has emerged from one of our finest academic institutions and is now helping to deliver the UK’s ambition to lead the world in meeting the grand challenges presented by clean growth and future of mobility.”

“Government investment in programmes that have supported Yasa have helped propel this company forward. The factory I will be opening today is testimony to what can be achieved through our industrial approach, when academia, government and industry come together,” Clark added.