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What to Expect from 2018 Chicago Auto Show

What to Expect from 2018 Chicago Auto Show

With the 2018 Chicago Auto Show swiftly dawning on us, rumors are flying about regarding surprises and appearances that will be coming during the event. Here are some of the anticipated automobiles that might make a debut in the Windy City.

The Chicago Auto Show starts on Feb. 10 and will continue until Feb. 19.


Ford is expected to present an updated Transit Connect van. Creature comfort updates, new technology, and new powertrains are expected to be the brand’s highlight. The Bullitt Mustang is also anticipated to make an appearance after its debut at the Detroit Auto Show.


Hybrid versions of its refreshed Sonata Sedan is what everyone’s clamoring about with Hyundai. This hybrid model will probably carry sport the aesthetics and standard features of the updated Sonata. It is less likely that Hyundai will make a complete overhaul for the hybrid, so performance stats of the car might remain the same.


Lexus will present RC Coupe and GS Sedan limited-edition performance versions to commemorate 10 years of “F” performance automobiles. These special edition cars will boast a matte nebula gray paint and blue accents which aligns both the cars' inner and outer facade. There will be 240 examples for the 467-hp Coupe and 100 examples for the Sedan.


Nissan will debut its unconventional 370Z roadster known as the 370Zki, together with an Armada SUV special edition. The winter-ready three-row SUV Armada Snow Patrol is a perfect pair with the upcoming 370Zki.


Subaru will present the special 50th anniversary editions of its 2018 production cars. These models will also be available with a shared color and unique badge that states “Subaru in America since 1968.” You can expect these cars to be higher trim levels of each one.


Toyota is expected to debut the latest pickup and SUV off-road-centric TRD Pro versions. The updated Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner are some models that are anticipated during the event, which will carry on the TRD Pro tradition notable, exceptional performance. It’s less likely that there will be any drastic changes made to these cars.


Volkswagen is rumored to present the Arteon, which is a US CC replacement. We saw it first during last year’s Geneva Motor Show, although it hasn’t crossed over to the US just yet. The stylish new VW shows that the brand is making further improvements to its Sedan range.