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Teardown Expert Weighs in On Tesla Model 3 Quality

Teardown Expert Weighs in On Tesla Model 3 Quality

Munro & Associates, Inc. is not a company you're probably familiar with, that is unless you are a part of a major automaker’s engineering department, but this Detroit-based specialty engineering consultancy has a unique role: breaking down new vehicles to examine how they are created. Munro really drills down parts and pieces of a given car, inspecting the quality therein. Their clientele consist of automobile companies themselves, who employ Munro to find out how the competition manufactures their latest models.  

Despite the fact that the Tesla Model 3 is kind of elusive these days, Munro was able to get one, and is eager to look under the hood.

It's interesting to find out how their handmade cars are created, if Tesla says the truth, but this electric car manufacturer may have secrets, and it looks like the perceived quality isn’t necessarily achieved.

John McElroy of Autoline spoke with Munro & Associates, Inc. CEO Sandy Munro just before the Tesla car was taken apart, and Munro obviously had bones to pick with the illustrious electric car maker.

“If we look over here I can barely get my fingernail in,” Munro states. “And then we look over here, I can almost put my thumb in. This is, this is very unusual; the stackups, the tolerance stackups on this car are just like nothing we've ever seen before. Not since, like I say, the '70s or something. I don't, I don't understand how it got to this point. I mean, these are, these are flaws that we would see on a Kia in the '90s or something.”

Opinions on Munro's assessments will definitely be split as the Teslarati explain that Model 3s are fairly early samples from the brand, while EV skeptics might argue that each Model 3 spends a long time at the factory, which, theory, should give Tesla the time to make necessary fixes.

The biggest quandary now is if the rampant quality control problems concerning some Model 3s will affect buyer enthusiasm and interest. As of the moment, consumers are still wide-eyed over Tesla models, but then again more examples have to be sent out, and let the populace speak for themselves.