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Sneak Peek of Volvo V60 Prior its Geneva Reveal

Sneak Peek of Volvo V60 Prior its Geneva Reveal

Volvo is set to make an appearance at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and the new V60 is to be its frontliner. While no photos has been unveiled yet, photographers were able to snag a few pictures of the disguised car.

To keep the surprise a surprise until its official reveal, Volvo covered the model with layers of black material, making it hard to predict what the visual aesthetics of the V60 will be. A panel on the left quarter, however, was left uncovered by the camouflage cladding, and it has confirmed the speculation that it will boast a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This comes as little surprise given the fact the company wants to electrify all its cars by the year 2019. Generally, this disguised test mule is showing a traditional boxy frame which was the common feature of Volvo estate cars for a long time.

Another thing that probably won’t differ at all is the inside of the V60. Like all “60 cluster” cars, it may have a similar dashboard design to the “90 cluster” cars. As such, there’s a huge chance we will see the same portrait touchscreen display on the dashboard.

As far as the SPA platform, there’s reason to believe that the V60, as well as the S60, will have the same one as the XC60 SUV. This is similar to larger XC90, S90 and V90 cars, making familiar Volvo design cues recognizable throughout its range of vehicles. The test mule revealing a LED headlight cluster may be a good cue to this.

Four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines are expected to be the possible power sources of the V60. There’s also that case that it may have three-cylinder power like other SPA platform cars. The front wheels could be powered by Volvo’s eight-speed manual gearbox, although AWD and manual gearbox may appear on other versions.

There’s speculation that the V60 and S60 may have a tinier, economical hybrid powertrain than the T8 model. One could see that the company may be looking into smaller but more efficient platforms from here on out.

As always, safety is one of the major concerns in the Volvo line as it combines passive crash protection and other modern safety technologies like automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and many more.