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Nissan Titan V-6 Version Still Up in the Air

Nissan Titan V-6 Version Still Up in the Air

The new Nissan Titan carries a lot of potential. It’s been recently overhauled, looks better and prettier than its predecessor, provides a 390-hp V-8 as standard, and in Titan XD form, it can tow any weight that no other standard-sized pickup can. There were also reports that they are planning a V-6 version, but there’s still no update about it yet.

It has been a good two years since the brand hinted on the possibility of the Titan getting a six-cylinder variant. Sadly, Nissan’s response wasn’t very optimistic, to say the least.

“We did confirm that a V-6 will be coming,” a Nissan spokesperson said. “However, that’s all we are able to say as of now–no official timetable.”

What’s good to know is that the plan for the V-6 variant isn’t cancelled just yet. But if that’s what you’re waiting for, you’re better off looking somewhere else.

If anything, the automaker may just be overwhelmed by demand as of the moment. While Chevrolet Silverado had more sales, the Nissan Titan still had a pretty successful 2017. A year before, their sales doubled, which is pretty promising.

So that being said, Nissan Titan is on a roll, although people would wish they could still give the V-6 soon.