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Nissan and Infiniti Plans 6 New Electric Vehicles

Nissan and Infiniti Plans 6 New Electric Vehicles

A Nissan Motor Co. powertrain executive says the Nissan brand will have four electric automobiles under its name while Infiniti will get two in the next five years.

Those six all-electric vehicles are the Japanese car manufacturer’s share of the 12 EVs that are slated for Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi until the year 2022, as per a multiyear business plan formalized in September 2017 by Carlos Ghosn, the alliance CEO.

Ghosn's business plan did not indicate the number of EVs by brand. But Nissan's corporate vice president for powertrain and EV engineering Toshihiro Hirai illustrated the brand’s share of the said arrangement.

The six Nissan vehicles are all full EVs instead of hybrid powertrains, unlike the brand’s new e-Power system.

E-Power, which was presented in the Japan-market Nissan Note back in 2017, is a range-extender hybrid that takes advantage of a small gasoline engine to create power for an electric motor that allows the car to push forward.

Hirai further mentioned that a survey of drivers got 95 percent of respondents who thought e-Power made the Note “more fun to drive.”

The EV plan only lays down milestones for the coming five years. Hiroto Saikawa, Nissan CEO, explained that there’s a longer plan being conceptualized, starting in 2021, where every new automobile under the Infiniti brand will be either an e-Power system vehicle or EV.