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New Lincoln Navigator Debuts with Impressive Sales

New Lincoln Navigator Debuts with Impressive Sales

When Lincoln revealed the new Navigator concept, its aesthetics and luxurious interior are some factors that make it very appealing. But with the huge gullwing doors and retractable steps, it is curious if they will retain it or they will make adjustments prior to production. But after the first few tests, the performance was so impressive that it could be “a serious contender for class leader.” True to form, it even sold way better than anyone expected.

Ever since the new Navigator was made available last November, Lincoln was overwhelmed with the consumer demand. While U.S. sales haven’t exceeded 1,500 per month, the full-size luxury SUVs sell in pretty limited numbers across the board. In addition to that, the sales for the Navigator were up an astounding 97.5 percent year-over-year last month, bringing 652 up to 1,288.

“We could have sold a lot more in January if we had had them,” Lincoln’s head of marketing and sales Mark LaNeve said.

Looking into it further, Navigator sales are even more impressive. The standard version sells at $73,250, but 84 percent of consumers opt to get either the Reserve or Black Label trim. The former is priced at$82,400, while the latter carries a price tag of $94,900 before options. That means consumers are wanting more of the model.

The Cadillac Escalade is currently the brand’s top seller, but that might not be the case as the Navigator is making huge strides. “The previous Navigator was fine, but it was nothing like this. This is a really gorgeous truck,” she explained. “Cadillac had owned that spot for years, and now Ford has come in and is a fierce competitor.”