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New Ford Ranger Raptor Unveiled in Thailand

New Ford Ranger Raptor Unveiled in Thailand

Imagine a pickup truck that packs certain features of an ATV, a snowmobile, and a motocross bike. That’s all promised to be brought into reality within the new Ford Ranger Raptor.

The Raptor is viewed to sit on top of Ford’s pickup range, and is being built in Thailand. It hosts a variety of features that will take the phrase “rough and tumble” to new heights, showing that this promises to deliver a highly durable vehicle.

At first sight, you’ll immediately notice the LED fog lamps positioned in the front bumper, a brand new grille, and extra ground clearance. To give space to the larger wheels on the Raptor, it boasts flared bumpers.

The design of this new pickup from Ford is meant to withstand even the harshest terrains, which is why composite materials make up the bumpers, which means the common fear of dents would be a thing of the past. Moreover, the sides are made from tough aluminum alloy as well as tiny holes that allow drainage of snow, mud, and snow.

To ensure the safety of the passengers within the Raptor, the seats are carefully designed to give greater support and keep everyone in place via suede sections. You could also see a red stripe on the steering wheel, letting the driver know where the wheels are pointing to.

Like anyone would expect, the chassis is given a considerable upgrade, allowing it to combat the rough off-roads even at high speed. Aside from making the hide tough and durable, the brakes are made even more powerful as well. The suspension is designed to give comfort to passengers whether on or off the designated roads.

The Raptor has a “bash plate” on the hull to withstand impact. The tyres are specially constructed with hard side walls and a unique tread pattern, letting it navigate even through snow, sand, or mud.

The power of this vehicle is supplied by a twin-turbo diesel engine with 210bhp and 500Nm torque, which lets it go toe to toe with the F-150 Raptor. Drivers can pick six various modes, where two are for on-road and four are for off-road use.

Another interesting feature of the Ranger Raptor is the navigation system, which has a “breadcrumb” feature that lets drivers leave a trail that will allow them to retrace when in unfamiliar terrain.

Other features that you can expect from this powerful vehicle is Electronic Stability Control, Trailer Sway Control and a rear-view camera.

This new model is currently being made for both left-hand and right-hand drive, which is good news. The Ranger has a large pool of enthusiastic customers, and for sure people will be looking forward to the Raptor.