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Mazda Recovers Due to Crossover Sales

Mazda Recovers Due to Crossover Sales

Mazda’s ended 2017 with a rather unimpressive track record. With 2.8 percent fewer US sales than 2016, it proved to be a downhill spiral for the automaker. Fortunately, things are looking bright for 2018 as Mazda has set great sales for January since 1994, with just under 25,000 cars sold. Aside from that, January 2018 has exceeded 2017's sales by about 15 percent or about 3,300 cars, giving the company a fresh start.

The sales are heavily attributed to Mazda's crossover SUV’s success in the market. The CX-5 was well received by consumers with over 66 percent month-over-month gain. The company has sold about 13,500 copies compared to just 8,000 copies in the past.

Mazda's January would've been a real success if its other cars didn’t drop the ball as much as it did. Both Mazda Miata and Mazda6 sales went down by just over half. From 3,300 sales, Mazda further plummeted to just under 1,600, and the Miata had a decline from around 900 to a little over 400.

The lopsided sales doesn’t really come as a surprise. Crossovers have been a great benefit to a lot of automakers. For example, Mitsubishi survived 2017 because of its crossover sales. Now all we have to look at is how sedans will fare for the year.