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Mazda Aims to Make SkyActiv Engines as Clean as EVs

Mazda Aims to Make SkyActiv Engines as Clean as EVs

Mazda is currently working on a gasoline engine that could be as clean as an electric vehicle in terms of energy creation supply chain.

The chief of Mazda's powertrain unveiled their plan in an automotive conference, calling the revolutionary engine technology Skyactiv-3.

This moniker that Mazda is developing means there may be upcoming generations of Skyactiv high-compression engines.

The Skyactiv-G, which was the first generation of the said technology, was first introduced in 2011. Skyactiv-X followed after and will be debuted sometime before March 31, 2019.

Mazda's managing executive officer and head of the said powertrain’s development Mitsuo Hitomi said that the brand will focus on enhancing the thermal efficiency of its engines. This decreases the heat-induced loss of combustion energy while increasing the amount used to operate the wheels.

Hitomi added that if the thermal efficiency of the talked-about engine is increased by about 27 percent to 56 percent, then it can come toe to toe with EVs in terms of emissions.

The measurements take into consideration the carbon dioxide emissions from EVs. Emissions from the extraction of oil and refining of gasoline is the metric for internal combustion engines.

If the calculations are ratified, it would reflect some EVs would be dirtier than its non-EV counterparts.

Mazda thinks it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 25 percent.

While Hitomi did not provide a timeline for producing the Skyactiv-3 technology, but he mentioned it would give internal combustion engines a second chance.