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Los Angeles Still Has the Worst Traffic in the World

Los Angeles Still Has the Worst Traffic in the World

Driving is fun, but heavy traffic makes it very stressful. A lot of drivers are stuck on the road because of congestion. To attest to that, INRIX unveiled its findings regarding the worst-congested large cities in the world. As expected by many, Los Angeles was at the top of the list again, and is followed by Moscow and New York City. The United States has four states within the top 10 and 10 out of the top 25. San Francisco and Atlanta is included in the top 10 list.

This is the sixth-straight year that LA has been declared to have the worst traffic in the INRIX list. That said, there are cities that revealed higher peaks in congestion on particular stretches of road. For the third year, America's worst-congested corridor was found out to be New York's Cross Bronx Expressway. As per the released findings, American drivers are faring better than countries such as Germany. Heavy traffic costs the average German around 57 percent more than Americans do.

While the United States have a lot of cities listed under the top 25, it's only the fifth-most congested country on a global scale. Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, and Venezuela are ahead of the US, while Russia shares a tie with an average of 41 peak hours spent in heavy traffic.

The INRIX collects data from over 300 million connected cars and devices over 5 million miles of road. This lets the organization obtain much-needed samples during different times of the day on a particular stretch of road.