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Kia Introduces SP Concept to India

Kia Introduces SP Concept to India

Kia has unveiled a brand new SUV concept during the Auto Expo at India, and plans to put the model into production by the following year.

The SP Concept boasts a new design which will dictate the direction of its aesthetics for global markets. It is also a milestone for Kia as it is the first entry to India.

A strong shoulder line coupled with a tapered glassline directing towards the rear is one feature of the new SUV, as well as a wide front grille that’s very different from previous models. It also carries a new slatted design for the headlights.

While the SP Concept is presently slated an exclusive to India, upcoming models for global production will be following suit of the aesthetics and design of this SUV.

The source of power is still kept under the wraps, but the Korean car manufacturer has teased it will feature advanced technology. There’s good reason to believe it might have both electric and combustion engine versions.

Kia president Han-Woo Park shared plans for the SP Concept. “We are here to build more than just great cars. We aim to set a new standard in the Indian auto industry by providing consumers with world-class products and services, while engaging with and giving back to the local community.”

Kia first expressed its intentions to enter the Indian market last year when it was eyeing an Andhra Pradesh factory. The said facility will be fully operational by the following year, and is expected to create 300,000 cars yearly.

The biggest reason behind penetrating the Indian market is the fact it is the fifth largest car market in the world, as it purchases over three million cars annually. If this continues, India will bag the third place by 2020.