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Holley EFI Shootout: Drag Racing Over Rocks and Uphill Climbs!

Holley EFI Shootout: Drag Racing Over Rocks and Uphill Climbs!

You are familiar with drag racing, correct? Now, try to visualize the quarter-mile tilted up by around 45 degrees, then huge rocks are laid down as obstacles for you to go through. That’s the image and thrill of the Holley EFI Shootout.

This competition is the second largest motoring event included in the 2018 Nitto King of the Hammers (KOH) Powered by Optima Batteries. The KOH is a festivity that lasts a week,with extreme off-road contests that take place in Johnson Valley in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. For the Shootout, organizers select a rather tough terrain and call it the race track. This year’s course was just around half-mile away from what is given the moniker “Hammer Town,” a city inhabited by approximately 45,000 people in motor homes that never fails to come and watch the KOH.

Thirty-one hyped entrants gave the track a go, with 26 making it to the top of the course, as Ryan Webb aboard the Team Kryptonite Kustoms rock bouncer from Louisiana emerging as the quickest. Webb was able to tackle the course, called Front Door after the previous year’s Back Door course, in a mere 16.48 seconds, letting second-placer Bobby Tanner eat dust by just a quarter of a second.

But it didn’t end there. After the event, teams were invited to brave a 75- to 80-degree rock face which is named as Yukon Mountain. Drivers tested their mettle from the first placer to the last ones in the Shootout. Everyone failed to conquer it, with some being very notable at that. A lot of spectators agreed that the most outrageous failure was that of Adam Pierce, who, as per the organizers, “got almost to the top of Yukon when his front wheels lost traction. His car went completely vertical before flipping down the rock wall and landing upright on its wheels.” What’s surprising is that both Pierce and his vehicle were okay.

And then with just three drivers left, Rigby, Idaho’s Jeff McKinlay implemented simple throttle control with the assistance of his rear steering to conquer Yukon and emerge on top. He bagged $10,000 for his accomplishment courtesy of Yukon Gear & Axle. The only other person to reach the top of the rock was Cody Waggoner who, by some stroke of irony, had paid McKinlay’s entry fee.