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Ford Explorer Boasts Subtle Updates

Ford Explorer Boasts Subtle Updates

Speculations have been making rounds that the upcoming Ford Explorer will have a rear-drive platform and will obtain a high-performance ST variant by 2020. Apparently, the latter may be happening sooner than what was predicted. There are pictures showing the camouflaged car, which is hiding features that could point to a possible ST iteration.

It sports a black-painted mesh grille with the same hexagonal pattern like that of the Edge ST. The grille is considerably larger than the previous models. You can also see a sizable spoiler atop the hatchback, which says a lot about an improved performance. It is also hiding a badge in the middle, which might be a way to throw off the scent, making people think it is a Durango. Meanwhile the taillights look exactly the same.

A lot of the other features are just similar to the current one on the market. Other than that, the wheels seem to fit more or less properly, which could mean it may be a faster, sportier version of the current Explorer. With that in mind, there’s reason to believe it might take inspiration from the Edge ST. If a greater performance is the goal, then the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, which creates 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, is an easy choice.

Lastly, since this Explorer ST may be making subtle changes from the current one, we might be able to see it sometime by the end of the year.