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2019 Kia Niro EV Spotted for the First Time

2019 Kia Niro EV Spotted for the First Time

An all-electric Niro EV was Kia’s loudest spectacle during the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of 2018, but now a production version has been spotted testing, losing all concept car designs in exchange for a more conventional design.

A fully electric car lies hidden under layers of masking. But in contrast to the original CES concept, the production car is to be toned down to properly match the rest of the range of Kia line-up. The only difference in terms of design are the aerodynamic bodykit and a noticeable filled-in grille.

The electric crossover which was first unveiled during the CES teases that it can reach a 238-mile range, while the production version is set to hit the market by early 2019.

Kia Niro EV Concept on CES

As is evidenced by the bodywork that makes the Niro more aerodynamic, the upcoming electric car’s exterior design is an eye-catching evolution of the existing Niro. You can see reshaped headlamps on its front end and an interactive display panel on the blanked-out grille.

There’s a low-drag wheel design that you can see on the sides with a gloss black lower bodykit. You will also find a curvy tailgate, slim LED headlamps, and a huge “Niro EV” emblem on the car’s rear.

The biggest selling point of this Kia model is what they call the “beyond autonomous” driving technology paired with a user-friendly human-machine interface. The cabin is made aesthetically minimalistic yet functional, boasting a digital dash display, interactive lighting, and a lot more.

The concept also introduces an “Active Pedestrian Warning System” which operates by combining front-mounted cameras and object recognition technology, alarming pedestrians and cyclists when the car is nearby.

There’s a 150kW electric motor mated to a 64kWh lithium-ion battery pack hidden underneath the Niro EV’s hood. The Korean car company says that this electric car can hit 238 miles and can even potentially reach 300 miles as battery technology progresses. That remains to be seen.

While it is seen as a concept car by Kia, it heralds the progress of both Kia and Hyundai’s plan of launching over 31 electric vehicles by the year 2020.