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Ferrari Aims to Double Hybrid and SUV Earnings by 2022

Ferrari Aims to Double Hybrid and SUV Earnings by 2022

Ferrari is planning to double core earnings to 2 billion euros ($2.5 billion) by 2022 and be free from debt, relying on the solid demands for hybrids and SUVs.

Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari CEO, aims to achieve this by banking on technological advancements, introduce special edition vehicles, and present customization options.

To appeal to a bigger demographic, the company aims to build hybrids by 2019, and an SUV sometime in 2020.

Marchionne said that downsizing engines is not off the table as long as they keep the Ferrari brand’s appeal intact.

“We are absolutely convinced that these numbers are doable,” Marchionne explained during a conference call, further saying that he expects profit margins to increase to at least 36 percent by 2022. “The house is firing on all cylinders, we are in a good place,” he added.

If this is to happen, the brand needs an average annual core earnings growth of 14.1 percent, or 17.9 percent, Evercore ISI analyst George Galliers said.

“This type of earnings growth is unlikely to be seen by any other automotive OEM over the coming five years,” Galliers mentioned.

The problem though is that the stock was not cheap and it could be one of the early challenges in attracting investors.

After separating from Fiat Chrysler two years ago, Ferrari has endeavored to show it can prosper without any support from its parent company. The group was able to achieve this goal, all thanks to some special edition models.

Marchionne says currency fluctuations shouldn’t be a problem, further attesting that the brand should be able to stand firm with its pricing.

Marchionne, who is going to leave in 2021, has long said Ferrari was close to arriving to a point where it would be limited by what it can do based on its current range, and needed to look beyond.

But any endeavor to explore new grounds - like the planned SUV - has to be within Ferrari’s interests to maintain its prestige and identity.

If a true all-electric powered supercar is ever created, it will be manufactured by Ferrari, Marchionne explained confidently.

“Whenever Ferrari does express itself in a fully electric vehicle, it will do so by making sure that both sound and handling are reflective of Ferrari's heritage,” he mentioned.

Siberian Tuners Create Functional Mercedes G-Class Replica From Ice

Siberian Tuners Create Functional Mercedes G-Class Replica From Ice

Mercedes Benz created hype for its new G-Class SUV in Detroit by putting an older version inside a huge block of amber resin. This time, car aficionados in central Russia fashioned drivable replica G-Wagen out of 6 tons of Siberian ice.

The news was reported in the “The Siberian Times,” a website that publishes unusual yet interesting stories about swimsuit parades on skis, walruses running away from polar bears, and many more. But here’s a footage from local tuning shop Garazh 54 (Garage 54) that features the SUV, proving it isn’t just a publicity stunt.

The site indicates the shop's Vladislac Barashenkov as mentioning, “This is a magic car,” which is pretty much what it is. Photos reveal how it was constructed, from fitting igloo-style blocks of ice to putting LED lights. It's also placed into an actual Mercedes-Benz steering wheel.

In the footage, the tuners begin to parade the creation in Central Park in Novosibirsk, a city with the third largest population. The average temperatures in January is just around 7 and -4 degrees Fahrenheit, now pair that with the cold body of the replica and it is not something you’d like to drive.

2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Found in a Junkyard

2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Found in a Junkyard

The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was the last V8-powered, rear-wheel drive police sedans created for the 1992 through 2011 model years which still serves its purpose for taxis and police cars these days. Given the moniker of P71, it used to be rampant on the streets and the junk yards, but now their numbers have been very little. This is why this 2003 model is a real gem.

Most police departments remove any marks from service before putting the car on auction, but the CITY OF LONE TREE branding can still be seen on this particular automobile.

It's very rare to see a P71 with an odometer that shows below 200,000 miles, considering how this model is very durable, reliable, and road-ready.

While it isn’t particularly speedy, its resilience and dependability is its biggest asset. Big fluid coolers on everything from power steering to transmission mean you can leave one parked in a hot day with the A/C going and it will still be okay.

Most of these vehicles host the classic AM/FM radio in the dashboard. This one has antenna holes, spotlights, and cop-car upholstery, plus everything you will ever see in a cop car.